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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Life Saver Formula No.15 : Natural tips for Urticaria Problem

Material Needed for this Life Saver Formula.

Charoli (Chironji) :- 100 gms
Water :- 250 ml

How to make :-

Make 100 packets from 100 gms of Charoli(Chironji) and the formula is ready.

How to use :-

You can use this formula any time when you feel Urticaria/Pitti problem or if you see red Rashes on your body take Immediately 1 packet with simple water thrice a day between the gap of 6 hours.

Note :- This formula is applicable for all types of age group person.

Please wait for my Life Saver formula No. 16.
And tell me if you get any problem while using this formula you can contact to me on my email id:- touchindia12@gmail.com and also you can ask any question through my blog.

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