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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Life Saver Formula No.6:Natural Herbal tips for Acid Problem

Material Needed for this Life Saver Formula.

Fennel(Saunf) : 50 gm
Black Pepper    : 5 gm
Black Salt         : 10 gm
Water               : 1 Litre

How to use :

At First Aniseed (Saunf) + Black Pepper put in 1 Litre water and boil until 600 ml is left.After the Filteration and Cooling in 600 ml you will mix 10 gm of Black Salt ,Medicine is Ready.
You can use it after Breakfast,after Lunch and Dinner 40 ml Liquid without water ,you can also take water if you need after this Liquid.

Advantages of the Life Saving Formula :

You can feel imidiate the effect of this Liquid in Acidity,Indigestion,Vomiting,Sometime Headache,Muscular Pain in Heart and Stomach and any type of diseases which comes from Acidity . 

Note :- This formula is applicable for all types of age group person.

Please wait for my Life Saver formula No. 7.
And tell me if you get any problem while using this formula you can contact to me on my email id:- touchindia12@gmail.com


  1. dear rahul ji

    the tips are so good that i have to wait eagerly for new post.
    Request to update it everyday.


  2. apke formule ka koi side effects bhi nhi. plz wait daily new farmula...