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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Life Saver Formula No.27-Natural Tips For the Age Group of 20 till 30 years.

In this age you need to take iron,minerals,anti oxidants,folic acid and Vitamin "E"as well as Vitamin "C"also.
(a) Iron and Minerals-Due to menstruation in compare to male female needs double iron.
(b) Anti Oxidants-In order to protect our skin cells and to keep healthy  your sex organs you need sufficient anti oxidants.You can find anti oxidants in amla grapes,apple,pomegranate,strawberry,spinach,tomato etc.Remember by extra boiling of foods while cooking,anti-oxidants could nil also in food or in your meal.
(c) Folic acid- In young age women and in starting of pregnancy there is more need of folic acid.Folic acid are found in cabbage,banana,orange,vegetables along with leaves,sour-juicy fruits,Pea,Spinach and beans etc.
(d)Vitamin "E"-In order to maintain both healthy sex power of men and pregnancy capacity of women ,Vitamin"E" is required.
Vitamin"E" helps to maintain heart,blood cells,so that blood pressure can be maintain.It protects you by different heart problem.
Vitamin"E" is found in sprout grains,botanical oil like Peanuts,Soyabean,Coconut oil,seeds of sesamum plants etc.
(e)Vitamin"C"-In order to keep your blood pure,blood cells flexible and to keep your bone strong you need sufficient quantity of Vitamin"C" in your body.
It is found in Orange,Amla,Lemon,Pineapple etc sour and juicy fruits like Tmato,Raddish,Papaya,Banana,Guava etc in very rich quantity.

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